What's Covered?

Whether your library currently shows movies, would like to start showing movies, or is already licensed with another vendor, the Umbrella License provides exclusive annual copyright coverage for over 1,000 motion picture studios and producers.

MPLC covers hundreds of motion picture companies ranging from major Hollywood studios like Twentieth Century Fox to independents like Sony Pictures Classics. Also covered are educational producers including Scholastic Entertainment and Hit Entertainment, as well as hundreds of producers specializing in documentary, Spanish language, foreign, children’s, and television content.

When a studio appears on the Umbrella License public library producer list, all of its releases are covered under your license. MPLC will never charge your library an extra fee to show a popular movie from one of our producers.




Movie Studios Covered

Download the latest list of movie studios covered under the Umbrella License for public libraries.


Library Programming Guide

Download the Umbrella License public library programming guide to view popular library screening ideas in a variety of genres!


EGEDA – Select Titles

EGEDA – Popular Titles

Download programming guides featuring exclusive Spanish language content from EGEDA. EGEDA is a non-profit association and collection society representing hundreds of Spanish and Latin American producers. In the past, your library may have struggled to secure copyright coverage for high-quality Spanish language motion pictures and other programs. Encourage your community to come together at the library to enjoy culturally important programs.



Determining Studio Coverage

To verify if a specific motion picture or audiovisual program is covered under the Umbrella License, you may wish to consult the Internet Movie Database website at IMDb.com. Simply search for the title you wish to screen and click on your selection. Scroll down to the “company credits” section of the page. Click on “see more.” On the company credits page review the “distributors.” Look for the USA “theatrical” or “all media” distributor. If the USA distributor is listed on the Umbrella License producer list for senior living and health care communities, the title is covered under your license.